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Poster: PDpolice Date: May 1, 2013 1:40am
Forum: web Subject: Re: Concerned that my blog has been added to your archive

Are you posting that unless you make money from your work you will not work? That if someone else made money from your free work it would displease you? And further, that you do not care to freely supply others with you work for fear of future income redirection? I can understand this position, but as an Artist I myself cannot help but create the things that some call Art.
I perceive that most of the entertainment system currently referred to as "the internet" is based on the unpaid use of others ideas and creations. Entities that in the past would have been called 'chisellers' seem to have great control in the present. I seen no proof that the Internet Archive plans this, but ANYTHING is possible.
Can you indicate an alternative distribution method that would reward the original creator of content and allow them to continue to create?